Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rolling In the deep

Hello, to my surprise I kinda have the whole week off, haha .. totally unexpected but never fear Haris will handle the situation. So what did I do was, went on a little shopping spree yesterday since it's been so long since I treated myself with anything. For the last few months I've been compromising my style by hiding to the word "minimalist" to explain my lack of  enthusiasm to dress up. I miss that, so I went and bought myself a patterns shirt to spark excitement back to my style and a pair of socks to match from topman. Ahhh... topman why do you have so much amazing clothe that never agrees with the wallet? One day i'll work there just to get the clothes! Owh and I went roller blading today , what a heck of fun . Gliding to beat while neon lights dance around your body putting you in a trance. LOL I may have exaggerated a bit.

That's all for now
Till next time.

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