Saturday, 12 May 2012

Looking for Haven for the Devil in Me

Assalamualaikum, hye there. Well this week was a lot to handle and reflect on. This week was my first week of college on yet another semster. I only have three classes with an awkward gap in the middle of the week, maybe it's god's way of saying , Haris you asked for time, so here it is, I wanna see what can you do with it.
Not going to let him down, I'm going to focus on venom fame a lot more, and all the productions that it needs to make it successful. And to honest with you guys , I'm loosing my passion in college , I'm not losing passion in art it's just the art that the college does, I want to make my own art with my own rules. Hiash.....  During that awkward gap, I decided to go on a little traveling around the city alone, yes alone. Took the train with glares from people for some reason I will never understand. Then went to buy some art supplies, and went to some galleries and talked to the curators, introduce myself ( It's time the local art scene now about me). It felt amazing! so liberating walking around the city not really knowing where you're going , a little taste of backpacking. ( I wish) . The next day , I went to the yet again but to see my good friend Jaa at her store, had loads of fun talking about business ideas and dreams we share. and a little shopping never hurt anyone.

Ill be opening a booth at RASTA tomorrow I know it's a short notice but do come If you're free.
and I'm down with a fever but it's not going to stop me from my productivity!

 I painted the T-shirt below , you like? it's obviously based on Givenchy

A new book that Jaa bought that we decided to put it in "our" store one day.

New hand painted T-shirts for my booth tomorrow .

That's all for now, if you're around TTDI.
Do come !


  1. WOW! great photos!


  2. Hey! Those shirts look great! No joke.
    What kind of paint do you use anyway?

    1. Well, I use fabric DYE paint. You have to locked the colours with a fixer after words then it's good to be washed. I wont come out.

  3. awak guna paint ape ek?
    krayon ?tak luntur ke colour tu?