Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Men's Summer Prints

Hello guys, I've been meaning to this quite some time. Now I finally HAVE time to do it. So here's my guide to men's summer look ( It's always summer or raining here anyways) . Well as many you are aware the sun's rude tendencies to grill us to the bone making the level of laziness of dressing up to another level. Sometimes you don't even bother to go out. Let's not be grumpy and embrace the sun shall we ( warning, my styling tips are not for the faint of heart!) . 

Let's us just focus on print's for today
It's a statement piece, if you're wearing a full tropical bird shirt. You're  my new best friend!!
I'm slowly collecting patterns ....well I am still a student as most of my readers are. This is the time to beef up and wear those crazy prints you bought  that you was afraid to wear. Colors and patterns look amazing in the sunlight! but I'm not talking about you're dad's Hawaiian shirts , that's just sloppy. Your shirt has to at least have a nice fit . Men clothes are all about structure and form. Here's some fun prints to show. 

Men's Animal Print Lookbook

Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Trend: Yellow

There you have it ,
my overdose of color and pattern.

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