Sunday, 24 June 2012

Simple Sundays

Bonjour! Comment ca va? haha I miss writing to my french Mauritius friend, I hope she's well. Well , Sundays are always a day of spring cleaning, washing your car and pakai bedak sejuk tengok  Melodi   sambil makan durian. , hahaha!. A slip of my mother tongue if you don't mind. Neglecting the fact that I have a class tomorrow  and that I have to finish my assignment never stopped me from enjoying my Sunday, kids don't try this at home. To tell you the truth I have guilty pleasure of organizing my closet and trying out a lot of clothes , I'll mix and match them to create something new. I do this all the time on Sundays , well now you know how vainly creepy I am. I just love clothes is that so wrong?. I also realized that I have quite a hat collection going on, so decided to try them all out for you guys. Those hats are for times when I need something on my head, it's a seasonal thing for me. I also tried a new piece of art, merely in progress but it's on a wood panel. I'll let you know how it goes but so far it's amazing , I wanted to try coloring acrylic on it.

And this is what I ate for breakfast, Purple potato steamed with brown sugar and coconut. Super awesome,
and I swear that the potato is naturally that color.

Here's my Hat collection, just for laughs!

LOL, Have a nice week guys.
Au revoir!

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