Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dream Orb

Bonjour! I know, I know that I've been missing in action.  I have stuff to post about but was just too lazy and was caught up with worldly doings. So let me explain my absence and what I've done since. Well the first major event I went through was a surgery! yes people surgery! Well nothing major , haha . I just had my tonsils removed ( if you don't know what it is , google it , quite common procedure) the surgery itself wasn't painful but boy it hurts after that! It still hurts but I'm still functioning. Well I was in the hospital for two bloody days! It was soooo boring! I hate sleeping in the hospital plus I had needles on my hand attached to some substance that was suspicious. That made things worst since it was uncomfortable, and the first night I was sleeping and I din't realise that I twisted the needle and I was bleeding, blood went through half of my bed sheet, and it din't hurt haha! Okay I think you guys had enough of my gruesome hospital stories. Before I was  in the hospital,I managed to finish a fairly big circular artwork. I always wanted to create something circular. So I was inspired by nature landscapes and rock forms , and melted colours. Mainly I just wanted a cool artwork to hang on my wall. Since I renovated my whole room 360. Seriously I love my room now, after I went out from the hospital.I decided to reconstruct my room , I threw 80% of my stuff cause I tend to collect trash , literally not kidding.So my room feels much bigger now with fresh paint and new accessories.I'll post the pictures of my room later,when it's really finish and a video I did of the process of the artwork!
 Okay let get on with it shall we?

You guys like, should I make it a print? remember I said that I wanted to print my artwork on clothes?
well I designed a few things let me know if you like it. I'm just playing around with it. I've decided to name
my clothes Venom Fame of course so here's the logo....

and that'll be me right after surgery , I felt nothing I was so numb.
Bye now , love ya !

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  1. HAHA. ganas sangat tido smpi badly bleeding HAHA.
    btw, the ideas on that shirt is very cool.
    im looking 4ward it :)