Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sundays in Bombay.

I love blogging on Sundays, It's  more like a ritual now to blog before I get into my assignments.
I take this time to appreciate the things around me that I take for granted and enjoy to the company of
family , mum cooking lunch ( always curry on Sundays )!  yes  I am half Indian for those who haven't already
guessed it!. As usual I go to my lovely tumblr that never fails to inspire me that makes me go gaga for the
things I wish to have. Scrolling through tumblr, I stumbled upon Chanel newest collection, yes the pre-fall
2012 Paris-Bombay and it smacked me in the face on how divinely exquisite everything is!. So I just had
cover it in my blog. Who ever says no to chanel? When I saw that India is involved I knew it was going to
be amazing! and it was! I just adore how they took Indian designs and eccentric pattern to the most chic
level, they were all in champagne colours of white, grays and beige being block my strong colours like
black, also some signature Bollywood colours- pink , blue and yellows. Simply breathtaking, it made me
appreciate more of my Indian side!

    If only I had that suit!
I did plan to get one for Raya!
but it's just to fancyly amazing to buy
meaning it looked like i was getting
married , we wouldn't  want that
impression do we?

Enough with the genius Lagerfield, Lately if been thinking a lot of designing my own clothing line,
and I'm really in for it. I drew some sketches and  research to find printers. I really want to make
designs that I wish to have that isn't out there! So I planned to design a lot of jumpers( cause they're awesome!) a bunch of graphic tees( only cool one's ) , and even my handmade jewelry . I want a
unisex collection that edgy and chic. So first things first , a mood board!

So you guys feel it?
what do you think?
So it's good bye for now
.owh,  "Guten Tag"! to all
my new readers from
Germany. Who ever knows
why you guys read my blog.!