Thursday, 29 December 2011

Introducing Haris 2.0

Bonjour! fair warning , it's gonna be a long post!
Well it's all coming to an end huh? Dear 2011, seriously I would to it ALL over again, such a bittersweet
year! Happiness, Drama, Conflict and all emotions were felt throughout this year. I went through a LOT of
changes. I constantly try to change or improve myself in all aspect, but 2011 really changed me. If I look back to the past you'd see how different we were. Haris 2.0 (hehe, upgrade! get yours today!haha) , as I was saying, Haris 2.0 has more confidence , guts, he takes risks , more stable, and a sense of style in my terms at least . A lot of close friends realizes this change and I ask them is the change bad? they said no , then what is it? I don't know, you just seem different!. That even shocked me and scared me at the same time, I still felt like I was Haris. Well this year gave a lot of opportunity, I started  my blog which I don't understand why would you want to see boring me but I'm thankful for the great feedback! Thank you all beautiful 56 followers of mine, not much but I'm grateful ,  this blog has really changed my life, meeting new cool people, selling my prints , etc.I wish to continue blogging as long as I can . So I've been preparing myself for Haris 2.0 , changing wardrobe,health, room, more artworks and the whole deal. Since my tonsils are out, Insyaallah i'll be healthier for 2012.

2012 Resolution

- more frequent posts here
- more artworks
- clothing line
- healthier self
- optimistic
- doakan Allah kuatkan Iman dan murahkan rezeki!

So okay 2012, bring it on!
As promised I finish my new room , now you guy's can see it! Haris 2.0 needed something matured yet still creative. I looked at my old room and taught that it was just to colourful and I needed a calming place to do work so my mind don't get so cluttered, but one thing was sure.... I wanted a tumblr inspired room!
and here's the result!

Remember my old room, too much going on.... urgh! let's pimped it shall we?

 I really like the colour and my new organized art materials where there easy to grab!

 Drumrolls* My feature wall, you like? I put some artworks pictures , and the Arabic calligraphy  made by my mum when she was young still learning year 1988. It's awesome. and twinkling lights ofcourse! 

So If you spot it at my wall I have a painting that you guys haven't seen yet , is because I just finished it.
and I think it's my last work for 2011.  It's inspired by feathers, crystals and arabesque art. and you get.......

Salvage Beauty 

it's going to be a very busy couple of days for me , were going for a Holiday but 
we managed to squeeze my little sister's birthday party before we go.
Okay guys hope you aren't too exhausted with this post, I think i'll be the last for 2011.
So Happy New Year everyone! Au revoir!

Haris Rashid.


  1. I just realized that your are lefty :D cool !

  2. your room and your artworks are so amazing, i wish i would have such a talent like you do!
    btw, i got the galaxy sweater from ebay, just type in 'galaxy sweater (or sweatshirt)' and search worldwide and there you're gonna find it (:

  3. Heyy Haris! I've been checking out your blog ever since I saw your artwork being featured on Jezmine Blossom's post. I figured it's about time I should drop a hi to you. :) Your artworks are really amazing and I love what you did to your room! :D All the best with the New Year resolutions. Keep in touch!

  4. thanks so much sluchy brain, i'll check it out!
    and thanks Wahdi , Nadrah thank you for following so long , I'm grateful! Happy New Year to all!