Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Queen of the Damned

Hello there,
I've realized that I've been publishing super long posts lately, I don't know why, it just I want to share
everything and there's load to tell. So, today's post will be long as well. I am proud and relief to announce
that my dreadful semester is FINALLY over!! *applause* yeay! Isn't it simply exciting !! I have enormous
plans for my break, I'll be posting more regularly here and my tumblr www.thevenomfame.tumblr.com( where I post inspirations that tend to become artworks!) I have a project that I'm working on and doing research but trust me it's going to be BIG! Since yesterday, I've sent my most anticipated artwork ever for finals in Illustration Fundamentals ( colour pencil class basically). I was given the theme of darkness, the perfect theme I might say!, I've always wanted to create works that are more provocative and dark in a sense. So I was obviously excited and giddy , my hand was itching to make the artwork!. So I came up with few ideas for it, there was, red riding hood being chase by the white queen alongside dementors in a wintery forest, there was , a man who was allured by a mermaid by the side of a lake where deep under the water the mermaid  was controlled by a kraken( giant octopus ) and there was , a queen who digested angels to maintain her beauty and youth! So I choose that queen obviously , then it went to researching photos for references, thumbnail, colour study and final outcome!.Enjoy!

So I wanted to make something big, real big, the biggest I've made before.
Instead of the size A1 , I went for A0! typical me giving crazy goals for myself!
I really thought I couldn't finish it, by shear determination and a miracle
I did it! in only 5 days. * pats back*

So below are colour study.

So yeah detailed shots, since I would be seeing it till next semester , so I went crazy on taking photos
So excuse my obsessiveness. Here's the relative size of the drawing to me. Owh I forgot! The artworks
medium is , 80% colour pencil , 20% watercolor and gauche on colored paper!.

 Okay I'm done, I hope you guys enjoyed it cause I know I did!
Au Revoir, X.
Haris Rashid


  1. letak la byk byk byk byk byk lagi
    i do enjoy it. much :)

  2. haha, okay! taknak tapis dah gambar.
    Nk letak semua je!

  3. If i had a chance to steal from you, i'll steal your talent.:)

  4. wow, your drawing is just too good, i love it!
    and thanks for your comment <3