Saturday, 17 December 2011

Green Pastures

Salut! and Salam,
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! Today was one heck of fun! I'ts my families crazy adventure again, love those. Where we plan the trip as much as we could, but we really just go with the flow and let the road takes us where we need to be. So packed up our picnic food, spare clothes ( for any water encounters) , a tent and my desperate need of a getaway!. As usual , me and my sister's would sleep the whole way through never knowing where were going. Bukak- bukak je mata dah sampai dah, hehe. We din't even plan to go there( much expected), it was those usual river camping place ( tepi sungai, hehe) But the weather was cloudy and it was very cold, when I saw the strong current of the water , I had a chill way was I going in there without freezing to death. So we set up our tent, had amazing mum cooked meal.
So yeah I ended up getting in the water and yes it was freezing*brrrr! My mum forced us to.

 This time I'm being one with nature!
 You know what, while we were eating, there were this swarms of big well fed green butterflies, they were
so beautiful , I was wondering why were they so many. Then while I was splashing in the water , I caught a
sight that the butterflies were gathering behind a rock , they're standing still. So I just had to take a picture!
So here's my theory, because they are natural hot springs there randomly placed by mother nature, so you had to figure out where the spots were. Even though the water was freezing the sand beneath my feet was warm. So what I'm saying is that the butterflies are just  warming up against the sand! haha.

Then It rained , so you could  see where the hot springs where since the rain caused the hot water to steam.

DIY magic
I have a treat for you guys, I have a DIY tutorial for you ! I always have random ideas then without
hesitation i'll get to it before the ideas goes. I had an idea, why not I document the process and share it with you guys.  So this is a text inspired decor that later turned to a necklace! Enjoy. It's easy to do and you
can play around with it.

Firstly, get your favorite pattern, it may be a floral design , checked , etc. Entirely up to you, you can use
wrapping paper , felt and if you have old cloth laying around, that a bingo! So I have this old carpet material
laying around and I love the Aztec feel of it , if been using it a lot in my DIY's .

Next is to choose you text, this is the fun part! Really you can say anything you like. I saw cool one in the web, like "badass", "LOL" and even your name. I decided to choose a short word ,"FLY".
Then you open your Microsoft Word or Illustrator(if you have one) and type the word and play around
with the font and choose your favorite one. Then , print it out and trace it on your material.Cut it out!

Then you can out the word, so it look's like this, To make it thicker and more durable , get a thick cardboard  material or anything thick for that matter, recycle. And trace the word on it and cut, then stick them together with hot glue gun!

Now, you can just use it like this , because it looks cool itself, and it can be a great addition to your room,just put on your book shelf , it gives a fun and modern effect. Text's are just fun to play with. I decided to go further and make a necklace out of it, cause it's rad! haha. To do this, you just need plies , a chain(cheap one's) rings , or just about anything to use as a strap. Then you'll have your own cool and original rad necklace!and I painted the side's gold.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY idea , I hope to make more of it. Till next time , BYE.

Haris Rashid.


  1. I did not know your blog. The process of the jewel is very original and very good. Keep it up, I'm a fan of seeing things in projects.

    I hope that we keep around here

  2. Thank you so much guys! I love doing projects,
    there tons of fun! I love making jewelry, and I think that men's jewelry is under rated.

    Greetings Style Baro!

  3. stunning