Monday, 2 January 2012

A New Dawn

Hello everyone!
Here we are in 2012! How was your new year's ? We'll me and my family , we went for a little getaway
at  Cherating, and it was spectacular. I only packed my essential but nothing else to remind me of reality,I din't even look at my phone. I needed to escape , so what did I do? I had archery lessons , jogged along the beach , played sand castle ( upgraded version ), Spent New years with my pajamas's while cheering at the  people who were lighting up fireworks along the beach , skinny dipping in the sea way too early in the morning ( freezing), collected shells, saved 9 fishes ( not kidding , there's were laying around the beach gasping, so I dinged a hole to make a little pond and put  them all in , they're safe now I guess), in the morning they were a bunch of cows on the sea shore laying out! weirdest thing ever! That's sum's it.

I went out shopping today, really wanted to get some clothes but ended up getting bed covers. It's okay they're awesome!
Outfit Of the Day

Cap from Harris tweed, Shirt from Zara Men, T-shirt from Nurfatihah, Accessories are 
made by Me, Jeans from Levi's .

My Sister's Party 
Well me and my big sister organised a party for my little sister Aqilah. We decorated the whole house! Tons of fun , but not something you do often cause it's not that easy. We decided on a theme from Aqilah's favorite movie Alice in Wonderland, and took only purple, pink and black for the colour scheme. I think it turn out awesome!

Till next time....
Have a great week!
Haris Rashid

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