Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dahlia Shadows

Hello everyone, I know I know, I was just a little busy with my commisions, school, my t-shirt ,etc.
I'm here now!. Just a little update so that you won't think I'm dead or something. You guys heard about
SOPA, pure insanity! wth , seriously. argh!
Let's just hope that it won't go through.
My week has been hectic actually , not because of school but because of personal works and business that
I'm trying to work on for you guys to enjoy soon! excited.
So I finished a new artwork! I was inspired by Matt Bomer and how he always gives a blue vibe,
with wild orchids and ghostly guppies to accompany him.
Matt Bomer - matt-bomer photo

So there you go, you like? I sure had fun. This artwork would be available at my new account at, check it out!

and a little feature

Splashes of Prints

Splashes of Prints by amischaheera featuring acetate sunglasses

So here's my acrylic work on canvas for school from last post,
if you're wondering.
Till next time!


  1. stunning work. i just love your style. saw you on i am gallas page, and have been following. really great, keep it up :)