Friday, 6 January 2012

School Starts

 Hello there, sorry I haven't been posting, school just started last week, so I was occupied trying get use to the schedule and fit in other stuff like blogging. I really like the classes for this semester, I have acrylic class! super awesome and the materials are super expensive, haha! I have assignments but I don't feel like doing it yet, never mind  i'll regret it later. I want to do another inspiration post today, just bare with me. Lately I've been very fond of black and white , simple colours, earth colours.

 we have to stretch the canvas ourselves , new brush , acrylics, can't wait to start!

super gorgeous! white on white.

I want it! I adore this street wear brand, Victate


Stephan Balleux
that artwork is insane! If only I can put that in my room. by  Stephan Balluex

such a beautiful animal.

 So in the spirit of black and white, I had to make an artwork, it's so long since I did any black and white works.I new I wanted to do a lot of pattern, but what to put it on... .. what better that a tiger! so here it is..
I haven't named it yet, any suggestions?

I'm definitely going to make it a t-shirt!
Bye now.

Haris Rashid.

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