Thursday, 12 January 2012


Accio readers!
Hehe, exuse my Harry Potter influence, I just like felt re-watching the magical series all over again
and I did , I'm just left with the last one , yippie! Yes I love Harry Potter. I hope you guys are
having a great week, today's post is just a small update on what I got lately, and I love each of them
as they are my hocrux. Classes has been okay, character design today was interesting but I'm looking
forward to the weekends. So here are little things I got from Diagon Alley , just kidding!

1. My new hard disk, which I desperately needeed , because this blog contents take a lot of space.
2. New deodorant, it may be unappropriated but I just love it, I'm a nivea kinda guy. Fresh Active.
3. New shades, you can never go wrong with Rayban classic shape, that looks good on anything
     all year round.
4. New case, I got from my cousin as a birthday gift, I love it, it's big enough to fit all my artistic needs,
     and when I travel I change it to my toiletries bag.
5. Random object, a coral rock that I found along the beach at Cherating.
6. Purple velvet tie which was a steal at Tesco! They have all the colors you could ever think off!
    and yes I do like buying clothes at Tesco, there really not bad. I don't mind really where you get
    you're clothes cheap or not, that doesn't count. It's how you pick your clothes from that pile.
    With a good eye , you can be fashionable with anything!

Owh before I forget, I got my self a haircut, yes ladies and gentlemen the long hairs is gone.
I really like it, it has a slight undercut. What do you think of it?

Below is for my acrylic class, it's half way done . I'm going to get to it now!

Good bye now.