Sunday, 8 January 2012

Terukir Di Bintang

Dear readers,
As for last night , my awesome cousin had extra tickets to Yuna's concert and what do I say to that?
Hell YEAH! haha. Finally, I can meet Yuna. Honestly, I've never been to any concerts before, yes people Haris is a loser. Yuna look so gorgeous! her outfit was super awesome and they were tons of stylish folks roaming around. The concert is for her new album debut, terukir di bintang. How was it, I had goosebumps listening to angelic voice the trans me. I bought the album , and wanted in line to see her, as was hundreds of people! after 2 hours I think and my leg went jelly it was my turn. I was rehearsing my lines , talking to myself like an idiot, but all my elaborate dialog  failed upon meeting, thankfully my cousin whom she knows filled in the blanks for me. Since we were the last one's , she was in a rush, so this is what she said

Haris : I adore your music!
Cousin : This is my cousin who drew the artwork for you!
Yuna : Owh! Thanks you so much for the drawing! So sorry I'm in a rush.
         : I like your shirt!
* picture taking
Yuna : I'll contact you later okay?
Haris : Yeah sure, bye  yuna , thanks for the signature!

After that words that she said went on replay mode non stop in my head, haha.


Get her new album now!
Terukir Di Bintang.

Haris Rashid

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