Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kittens and Clothes

Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating!,
Hello there, I have the week off basically, yeah! Regardless of my massive assignment,
I'm going to try to enjoy this unexpected break. Yesterday was a hectic day for me, I went
to KL and took my printed tees for testing and I must say their quite nice! plus, I got plain t-shirts
for testing and experiments. So excited! I bought myself  new pairs of shoes, what a prosperous year!
I love them, their black and simple which is what I needed for rushed days to college and it goes with
everything. I was just so giddy to create more works , any creative produce really. All my works are quite
edgy and contrast, so I decided to go entirely different and did a super cute kittens, with pastel backgroud and
lace details. It really looks like an English plate that grandmother's would keep in their kitchens.

A rainy day in the car while jam, crazy jam .. 3 hours drive alone... singing deliriously in the car.
The new shoes in the box was the only motivation through the jam.

The one without the turqoise background is for if I want to print it on a black sweater!
 Haha, super girlish... Like what Ms. Umbridge would have in Harry Potter.
New t-shirt below, all my designs!
I hope you like it,


  1. i dont like it....i LOVE IT!
    nice laaaa jidin! btw i'm leaving for Iran esok. will get u smtg nice!

    1. Thank you Khalis, I love you!
      be safe my dear.

  2. You're just so amazing, honest opinion x

  3. Awww, haha that kitten sweater is sooooo cute !

    1. Haha, I know right. I won't mind wearing it.

  4. you are amazing !!!!!!